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I looove my @keyairangels shirt! 😍
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Dess Maraschino
Beauty isn’t a size.


The other day I got a anonymous message saying “Can you please stop rebloging fat girls that disgusting”. Honestly that really fucking bothered me. Just because you are plus size doesn’t make you ugly or a bad person. I hate how people look at plus size women like they’re a disgrace. Its nothing wrong with plus size women they’re just as beautiful as a girl who wears a size 5. If you wear size 15 and up don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t change your size because someone called you fat or ugly because of your size. Change your size because you want to if you want to. No matter what color, shape or size you are remember you are beautiful whether its inside, out or even both. I’ve met a lot of pretty girls who are pretty on the outside, but has the worst attitude ever which makes them hideous. I’ve seen skinny girls with ugly ass faces but has had the best personality and looks more happier. I’m just saying don’t judge a book by its cover, because you never know who that person may become, who they are inside or what the fuck they’ve been through in life. Words and judgement goes a long way. I don’t care what people say.. words hurt. Especially if you don’t know that person and only see whats on the outside.  Watch what you say to people because a nicely approach and a kindly hello can make a persons day.

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